Welcome to the WORLD’S FIRST Machine Learning Hearing Aid: WIDEX EVOKE

  • Hearing Care   •   June, 6 2018

“These new EVOKE hearing aids from Widex mark the beginning of a new era in hearing aid technology – a new way of thinking and hearing! It is the first hearing aid that actually grows smarter as you use it. Evoke hearing aids in N.Ireland learn from other Evoke hearing aids around the world. The perspectives and the potential are breath-taking: Just imagine an EVOKE user in Belfast benefitting from the input of an EVOKE user in Sydney!”

Rory Thompson, Hearing Care Consultant

Hearing happens in real life, not just in a hearing examination room in N.Ireland! The challenge of real-life hearing is that it is personal and happens right here, right now. That requires the hearing aid to be able to adapt and adjust seamlessly and instantaneously.

For the first time ever, it is now possible for a hearing aid to learn from the user’s input and preferences – and even share this learning with other users around the globe.

The Widex Evoke is the first hearing aid to give users the ability to employ real-time machine learning, featuring intuitive new controls that quickly and surely guide users to their desired hearing experience.

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Widex take your anonymous input on your sound preferences and combine it with input from other EVOKE users all over the world.

This cloud-based data enables the company to keep improving your hearing. EVOKE continues to learn. So not only are you helping yourself, but others around the world are helping you too.


When it’s noisy, you need your hearing aid to filter out anything that can distract from hearing speech. But in quiet situations, you want to hear all the subtle details.

EVOKE has a built-in Fluid Sound Controller that sets the optimal sound for different sound environments. Now hearing aid adjustment is easy, and EVOKE quickly adapts to the changes in your life.


evoke hearing aid belfast

You teach EVOKE how you want to hear, and the intuitive hearing aid app uses machine learning to guide you to a better, more personalised listening experience.

With just a few taps, the SoundSense Learn feature effortlessly adjusts multiple sound parameters. And whether you’re a technical wizard or a technophobe, you get just the sound you need.


Like to put your own mark on how you hear? In addition to the standard sound programs available with EVOKE, you can create your own, personalised programs – and give each a customised photo.

Maybe you want a program for your workplace or your favourite restaurant. Or perhaps there’s someone in your life you really want to tune in (or out). You decide!

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We understand that purchasing a hearing aid can be a big investment and you want to make sure that you are spending your money with the right company. For this reason, we have a ‘try before you buy’ approach to hearing aids. As we prioritise patient choice, there is no obligation to purchase the hearing instrument at the end of the trial period. At this point, you may be charged a small fee to cover the cost of the consultation and hearing test.

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