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In Ear Monitors

Whether you are a gigging musician or self-professed audiophile you deserve the best listening experience possible. That experience starts from the very beginning by getting a great set of ear impressions. We work closely with all the top IEM manufacturers and can easily advise on the right match for you. Please ask if you would like us to handle the whole order for you, from impression taking to ordering and shipping the IEMs.

Noise Protection

As Hearing Care Consultants we take the protection of your hearing very seriously. Generic ear plugs are often difficult to keep snug in the ears and as well as being uncomfortable, they can muffle and distort what you listen to. Custom earplugs are tailor made to the shape of your ear so they fit you perfectly and comfortably, ensuring a seal and no leakage of dangerous noise levels. The earplugs we supply provide musicians with the isolation they require whilst retaining superb sound quality. They come in a variety of filters to suit different needs and we are happy to discuss this with you at your appointment.

Other Services Available

Maintaining the health of your ears as a musician is extremely important. At the Music Clinic you can also book in for a hearing test and wax removal if required. A hearing test at your appointment is a useful way of keeping a regular check on how your ears are coping in the noisy environments you encounter. It can also give you an indication of any frequencies that may be reduced to help with your musical enjoyment.

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

The wax removal service we provide is microsuction, a safe and effective way of removing wax. It’s not safe or indeed possible to take good ear impressions if the ears are compacted with wax, so microsuction is offered to all clients if needed at their appointment.

” I play guitar and work with power tools, I thought the ear plugs would take a while to get used to but I was able to play right away with them I can hear clearly enough to play well (for me) and hold a conversation with someone. Should have been using these years ago.”


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