Free 3D Ear Scan Events throughout N.Ireland

  • Hearing News  •   July, 12 2018

“A UNIQUE opportunity to have a complimentary 3D Scan of your ear canals to determine what types of hearing aids are going to be the absolute best fit and result in the best hearing experience possible.”

Rory Thompson, Hearing Care Consultant

Every person has uniquely-shaped ears that continue to grow over time. Making an accurate reproduction of the ear is an important part of delivering a customised ear product. From the early 1950s, this was achieved using a paste which set in the ear, a technique which still underpins common practice today. However, advancements in laser technology and 3D virtual images are shaping the future of ear products.

Thompson Hearing Services are the first hearing care consultants in N.Ireland to be using this unique 3D scanning technology from OTOSCAN. Come along to one of our Open Days from the 19th – 26th July and receive your FREE 3D CAD image of your internal ear canals to assess accurately which hearing products are most suitable for you by providing the best fit for your ears and creating the best hearing experience possible.

BELFAST | 19th July | 10am-4pm | Geoff McConville Opticians & Hearing Care, 7 Chichester Street

BANGOR | 27th July | 12am-5pm | Telfords Opticians, 123 Main Street

DUNGANNON | 24th July | 10am-4pm | Alexander Bain & Murray, 28 Northland Row

BALLYMONEY | 25th July | 10am-4pm | John Laverty Opticians, 15 High Street

OMAGH | 26th July | 10am-4pm | The Spectacle Maker, 12 Showgrounds Retail Park

The OTOSCAN makes little or no contact with the ear so zero discomfort!

We can show you the 3D scans of both your ear canals right away on a big display screen in the clinic. We are the first in Ireland to have this technology and we are the only hearing care consultants in N.Ireland that can give you a print out of your 3D Scans there and then and let you know if your ear canals are suitable for the truly invisible hearing aid.

The 3D diagrams will show you the anatomy of your inner ear canals and the ear canal depth to help you understand which hearing products will be the perfect fit for optimum hearing results.

Enjoy tea, coffee and biscuits on the day.